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Below are some photographs of my grandparents on both my mother's (Barkman) side of the family, and my father's (Ellis) side of the family. My photos are limited, so I am soliciting photographs from any family members who may have some to contribute to this page. If anyone has any pictures of family members on my family tree page, please forward them to me so that I may add them to this page.

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Clicking on the photos below will increase them to actual size.

The Barkmans

Grandma B (Stella Knupp), and Grandpa B (Harry Barkman)

Grandpa (Harry E.) Barkman

Grandma Barkman (Stella Knupp)

Grandma Barkman (2nd from left)

Great Grandfather (Reuben) Knupp

Great Grandfather (Reuben) Knupp

Great Grandma (Henrietta Young) Knupp

Great Grandmother (Charlotte Bearle) Barkman

Great Great Grandmother (Elizabeth Young) Barkman

The Ellis'

Grandpa and Grandma Ellis

Grandma (Ellen George) Ellis

Grandfather Robert Basset Ellis

Grandmother (Ellen George) Ellis

Grandfather Robert Basset Ellis

Grandfather Robert Basset Ellis

Great Grandfather John George, and Great Grandmother (Elizabeth Lannigan) George

Great Great Grandparents Martin Lannigan and (Ellen O'brian) Lannigan

You can find these grandparents by clicking on "My Family Tree" on the left side of this page.