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Hello and Welcome to my Home Website!

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My name is John Ellis. The purpose of this website is to introduce you to my family and friends, share some of my experiences and to show you some of the places where I've lived or visited.

I was born and raised in Somerset Pennsylvania. Following graduation from high school in 1970, I joined the United States Air Force and spent more than 26 years traveling to many interesting places in the United States, Asia and Europe. Since 1990 I've made Alaska my home. I hope you enjoy what I've placed on these pages.

I hope to make this website a work in progress, and I will continuously be adding photos and information on my family and the places I've visited. Please check back often.

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This Website was first published on 2/25/01.

It was last updated on 01/23/2014

This is our home as it appears during the Summer

Our Home in Winter with a visitor

This is my current home in Anchorage Alaska

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